Thermo trailers

Our thermo trailers are technically state-of-the-art. This enables us to always provide you with the right trailer for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, dairy products and other goods. In addition, we also offer trailers especially manufactured for the transport of sensitive medicines. Naturally, we comply with all the current GDP 2013 requirements.

In the refrigerated-bodies area we operate 24/7 telematics monitoring. All temperature deviations or route changes are subject to ongoing monitoring, and thus everything is immediately detected and can be corrected. Safe and professional loading with our products guarantees you safe arrival.


Technical specifications

  • Thermo King SLXI 300 - 50 with BlueBox
  • 33 pallet spaces
  • Payload 22 t
  • Length: 13400 mm, width: 2450 mm, height: 2650 mm
  • Corresponds to a volume of approx. 87 m³


  • Load securing certificates: DIN EN 12642 Code XL
  • Double-decker
  • Telematics system by Schmitz Cargobull
    Using telematics systems, we can intelligently monitor and control the transport and logistics process and provide our clients with information and transport data as required.