Tarpaulin trailers/tautliners

When loading and unloading our tarpaulin trailers, we ensure that the process is as easy as possible in all variations – whether traditionally via the rear portal, sideways, or using a crane from above.

Securing a time advantage for you is important to us, because in the transport industry, a time advantage is a real competitive advantage. When it comes to the latter, therefore, we are the right partner for you. Our scheduling team will be pleased to assist you at any time with selecting the right vehicles for your goods, and will provide you with useful and constructive tips.


Technical specifications

  • 34 pallet spaces
  • Payload up to 24 t
  • Length: 13600 mm, width: 2500 mm, height: 2750 mm
  • Corresponds to a volume of approx. 93 m³


  • Load securing certificates: Code XL according to EN 12642 XL, with Daimler 9.5 certificate including drinks
  • Lashing eyes / Multilock
  • Edscha sliding roof